Friday, March 24, 2006

What have I been up to?

This is a top I am making for Elizabeth for her 8th birthday. It's a teen top, a free pattern from kertzer

I am almost done, half of one strap, all of the other, top and bottom edge on the front, and sewing. Should be done by tuesday, right!

Here is the Unst, it finally has edging on it, only 6 points, but it is edging none the less.

This is a stole I am making in drops Alpaca, I just love this yarn, the pattern is one I am making up as I go along, it's a simple razor shell pattern, all the stole will be this pattern, very simple, but the yarn will show up wonderfully. This yarn is a deep turquoise colour, but has flecks of lighter turquoise in it, I just love it. I plan to go buy more in different colours, soon.....

This is a toe up pair of socks I am making, almost done the foot of both socks now. I am using the Wendy's generic toe up sock pattern.

This is a pair of Estonian mittens I am making for Ron, the yarn is handspun, navajo plied. I am very proud of this yarn, it is really my plying I am proud of, I had only ever tried out navajo plying once before, I still have it, so was amazed at the comparison, the first is all lumpy, this isn't. I know that means my spinning is getting better too, but I think I managed to control the plying a little better too.

Here is Daffodil, by Marianne Kinzel, I am slowly working my way backwards through the modern lace knitting book, I did Rose of England first, then Balmoral, now Daffodil. I love this pattern, and I found some yummy yellow cotton, perfect!

This was it a few days ago.

This was it last night.

I still have 64 rows to go, and already I think I am up at 708 stitches in the round.

We had to take Baby doll to the sick kids hospital yesterday for some tests on her eyes, Not fun at all. I hate hospitals. Katherine was a trooper of course. She always is, makes the doctor work for their money.

While we were in Toronto though I made sure I visited Lettuce knit Well of course I left with something, they have lots of fine yarn there, and the store was only two blocks away from the sick kids hospital, so I didn't have to twist Ron's arm to drive through T.O much. It is in Kensington market as well, I have never been there before, I found it very charming. The lady in the store was super nice. My daughter also found the shop cat Brad I think it's name was. My girls find cats everywhere they go!

This is what I left with though, I got two skeins of Misti Alpaca, wow is this stuff ever nice, I am developing a major soft spot for Alaca. I get very stressed out about Kat's eye condition and all the tests and appointments she has to go to. I am just waiting for the "she needs surgery" before I really break down, but everytime she has an appointment I cry. Poor honey. Now she has to patch for two hours a day, there is only so long I can get her to do puzzles for. She takes about 6 minutes for a 24 piece puzzle, for a three year old I think that's pretty quick, but there is only so many times I can get her to do a puzzle, certainly not enough to fill two hours. Anyone know tricks to get a kid to sit still and watch tv for two hours? She is supposed to use the eye that isn't covered, this will get the muscles working.

All the stress of the day though was soothed over the moment I touched the Misti yarn, ahhhh, better than a coffee and chocolate. Seriously!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Olympic generated knitting funk

It appears that many people suffered a sort of low, or funk after the olympics ended. I was part of that group. The day it all ended I cast on a shawl, ripped it out, next day, a doily, ripped it out. So I started a pair of socks, which are now finished. I also started a top for Elizabeth, who will be 8 this month, it is almost finished too, just knitting on edges and straps.
No photoies for today though.

I have been doing a lot of spinning, I spun up some lovely black, natural and orange corriedale for some estonian mittens for Ron, his dad was Estonian, so I get to knit him a traditional pair. I am using a pattern from Nancy Bush's book. I will get around to a post about them and fill in the details then.
I am also spinning a lot of mystery fibre, all I know is that it is wool. No idea what kind, so far I have 5 oz's spun, I tried a natural dye from the Spectrum book of dying, this book is a book about dye plants of ontario. My guild has produced the book. Sales have gone well, but there is more.

I dyed with Parsley, and while I was dying I noticed in the footnotes that it was a poor dye. Gee, now I see it...!!!!!%&$^#
Well I agreed about the poor dye, but had to have a stab at an afterbath. I used vinegar as I just can't seem to locate neat ammonia anywhere. Vinegar sharpened up the colour a little but not really much of a change. Next on the hit list is lettuce, spinach and onion skins. I expect more from them after Parsleys poor showing!

My Mom and sister went to Rome last week, I have yet to hear how there trip was, needless so say I was jealous, stuck here in Ontario.