Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How Bizarre, some things you would just never think of, especially when your more couch monster than mountain climber, Mt everest clean up.

I had a strange bag given to me yesterday, it contains a bit of a story, a lot of acrylic wool, has traveled from Florida to Michigan to Ontario, and I have no idea where it will go next, but for the love of the art, I am going to be the last stop on the knitting journey.

My sister in law is a science fiction fan, and goes to a lot of the conventions, don't worry, she is banned from costume wearing at birthday parties. She is a big Doctor who fan, she spent the past weekend in Michigan at some convention, I had the pleasure of looking after the cat and the birds as usual, gotta say here I am no fan of birds, and she has a lot of them.
Anyway, the bag, she comes over last night with this garbage bag , I could see knitting needles poking out of it, so my interest was piqued right there, She has never been known to knit, so I knew this involved me somehow.

A lady had died while in the middle of knitting a doctor who scarf, for the 4th Doc apparently, I only know this as I was informed last night, the 4th doctor wore a horrendously large scarf, hand knit by the woman that had been given a bag of yarn and told to knit a scarf, so she just knit, and knit and continued knitting, until it was 25 feet long, this is where I know that the scarf I have in my possession is only half way done, it's already about 12 feet long. Now this is a scarf from the seventies, I know this as I used to watch doctor who myself as a kid in Britain, so it's not a pretty thing. The ladies daughter had found this bag in a closet after her mom had died and knew how much her mom would love to see the scarf finished, this is where I come in, I don't know where it's going after I finish it, but its not staying here, there is just no need for 25 ft scarves in this house, the majority of the population of this house is under 5'6" tall. Me being the only over that height will not be wearing it either, so just get that out of your mind right now.

I can't see that there is enough yarn to make it the right length (big sigh of relief) so will do all I can just to get it finished, then pass it along to the sis in law, and she can then maybe find a fan that would want it.

I only said I would finish it as the woman had spent so much time knitting this thing, and it was her first knitting project, you gotta give the woman an A for effort on that first knitting project.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Is there anybody here????

I must apologize first for my erratic nature over the past six weeks, I know at times it surely looked like I had dropped off the face of the planet altogether. I assure you I didn't.
I am even feeling up to posting pictures today.

I have done a lot of weaving recently, and this is causing me a problem, this is a knitting blog after all, and as Jean puts it, she isn't interested in crochet, puzzles etc, all the other non knitting stuff, gimme the Princess!!!
Ok so I don't have Princess picture today, but soon, there has been progress, slow, but still there.

I will quickly flash some weaving piccies, then get back to normal content.

This is a double width weave baby blanket I made last week, after coming off the loom it was full of errors.

So I fixed them.





And I love the finished blanket.

On the left a dish towel in cottolin, and two tencel scarves

These are the patterns I wove them in, the zigzag on one, and the diagonal blocks on the other. Rosepath in weaving terms.

Even as I sat here writing, the post man arrived, I of course ran to the mail box, tail wagging, and sure enough my new patterns were there. I got Forest stole Pathe, Raku suri stole and winter wonderland all from the Alpaca yarn company.

Ok this post is getting photo heavy. I may have to cut it short just so that there isn't too many pictures all in one go.

Contrary to what I believe I am


A sock


Stop fighting it.

Another baby blanket, turned out a little small but still lovely.

And finally my favourite all time baby cardigan.

Lots of other stuff on the go and finished, but still need to get pictures and organize myself.

Hope the pictures soothe the readers that don't like text rich posts, but more photo's. I promise to try harder to get the pictures up more now.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Getting back to norm.

Short post for today, I have been busy, and will be so for a few more days, then I can do so unveiling of what I have been working on. Princess has had to take a back seat for a while. I plan to get back at it next week though.
I ordered Victorian Lace today yesterday, and some alpaca yarn from knitpicks, also a few other lace patterns that I have been hankering for. You may see something of a little pattern right there. Yep, I am back to the lace. So many other things distracted me recently that lace has taken a back seat. I plan to rectify that very, very soon.
There has actually been so much going on here that I am surprised I have gotten anything finished, far from it I have gotten lots finished.

Katherine's eyes are getting better, they are still red and a little swollen, they are hurting her now, but I think that is the itching from the stitches dissolving, eye drops are no longer an issue, she gladly takes them. Occassionally though I have to cuddle her for half an hour though until the Motrin kicks in.

See you soon.....

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


A mothers diary.

Sunday, Mothers day, Elizabeth is sick, she threw up everywhere.
Monday, Mother is sick. Monday night Katherine is sick.
Tuesday, Katherine has eye surgery, thankfully not put off due to sickness last night. Tuesday afternoon, barely squeak home from the Sick Kids hospital when Father starts throwing up.
Wednesday, sleep, LOTS.

For those wondering, Katherine had surgery on both eyes, she is doing well now, both eyes are red and one is swollen a little, it is indeed world war three trying to get her antibiotic/anti-inflammatory drops into her eyes, but is getting easier.
Putting the memory of being at the sick kids hospital, further into my mind however is proving harder.
When nurses are called angels it is true, the nurses at children's hospitals deserve the highest praise you can grab for a person. The doctors are stunning, but the nurses have all the hard work, working one on one with sick children day in and day out must be so hard. I could imagine sometimes it is hard to go to work, but the rewards are phenomenal. The downsides are more than obvious.
Today is my appreciation to Nurses around the world day, thank you for your work. I appreciate you.

Anybody interested in more information Toronto's hospital for sick kids please visit their site.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Im not dead.......

Ok I have been hiding out a little, sneaking a look in at blogs here and there, but not commenting or anything. Thought I should check in and confirm that I am still about.

I hit a turning point today, or at least realized it today, I am actually excited about Katherine's surgery now. It has been so long since I have looked into her face and expected to see two eyes looking back at me.
I think it's about time Mommy got her wish. Her surgery is two days after Mothers day, so that will be my present.

I will be back soon with knitting news and photo's, please bear with me though as I am very scatterbrained still. I am still trying to convince myself that it is the surgery doing this to me, what will be my excuse afterwards.