Wednesday, May 16, 2007


A mothers diary.

Sunday, Mothers day, Elizabeth is sick, she threw up everywhere.
Monday, Mother is sick. Monday night Katherine is sick.
Tuesday, Katherine has eye surgery, thankfully not put off due to sickness last night. Tuesday afternoon, barely squeak home from the Sick Kids hospital when Father starts throwing up.
Wednesday, sleep, LOTS.

For those wondering, Katherine had surgery on both eyes, she is doing well now, both eyes are red and one is swollen a little, it is indeed world war three trying to get her antibiotic/anti-inflammatory drops into her eyes, but is getting easier.
Putting the memory of being at the sick kids hospital, further into my mind however is proving harder.
When nurses are called angels it is true, the nurses at children's hospitals deserve the highest praise you can grab for a person. The doctors are stunning, but the nurses have all the hard work, working one on one with sick children day in and day out must be so hard. I could imagine sometimes it is hard to go to work, but the rewards are phenomenal. The downsides are more than obvious.
Today is my appreciation to Nurses around the world day, thank you for your work. I appreciate you.

Anybody interested in more information Toronto's hospital for sick kids please visit their site.


Wannietta said...

I'm so glad that the surgery went well and that she's recovering at home!

Jane said...

I hope everyone gets better soon. I'm really glad your daughters surjury is now behind her and she can get on with the business of healing! Take Care.