Thursday, May 24, 2007

Is there anybody here????

I must apologize first for my erratic nature over the past six weeks, I know at times it surely looked like I had dropped off the face of the planet altogether. I assure you I didn't.
I am even feeling up to posting pictures today.

I have done a lot of weaving recently, and this is causing me a problem, this is a knitting blog after all, and as Jean puts it, she isn't interested in crochet, puzzles etc, all the other non knitting stuff, gimme the Princess!!!
Ok so I don't have Princess picture today, but soon, there has been progress, slow, but still there.

I will quickly flash some weaving piccies, then get back to normal content.

This is a double width weave baby blanket I made last week, after coming off the loom it was full of errors.

So I fixed them.





And I love the finished blanket.

On the left a dish towel in cottolin, and two tencel scarves

These are the patterns I wove them in, the zigzag on one, and the diagonal blocks on the other. Rosepath in weaving terms.

Even as I sat here writing, the post man arrived, I of course ran to the mail box, tail wagging, and sure enough my new patterns were there. I got Forest stole Pathe, Raku suri stole and winter wonderland all from the Alpaca yarn company.

Ok this post is getting photo heavy. I may have to cut it short just so that there isn't too many pictures all in one go.

Contrary to what I believe I am


A sock


Stop fighting it.

Another baby blanket, turned out a little small but still lovely.

And finally my favourite all time baby cardigan.

Lots of other stuff on the go and finished, but still need to get pictures and organize myself.

Hope the pictures soothe the readers that don't like text rich posts, but more photo's. I promise to try harder to get the pictures up more now.



Wannietta said...

I'm here for you darlin'! Or there for you, depending on where you need me.
Your weaving & knitting looks lovely - you've been all sorts of busy!
Hope we can get together again, school's out in another 4 weeks.

Kathy said...

Damn girl, I wished I had known you would be at the OHS in Barrie, I should have known you would be. I didn't book up in time for it, I remembered the deadline about a day before it was due in.
Damn, that would have been good to meet up with you there.
Summer sure is approaching quickly, I can't wait.
I still can't believe it was January I last saw you.

Hopefully we can get together a few times. We are not far from Wonderland so if there is a day you'd like to go I am sure we could squeeze in one.


mamaloo said...

I love that brown orange and pink sock yarn. I found a skein of it at Romni and got it and just drooled over it, it's so gorgeous. I knit up some socks and they're a tiny bit too short on my foot and too tight across the ankle :( So, they've been languishing in my basket waiting to be ripped out and restarted.

I like that brand's colour schemes.

Jane said...

Actually, I like seeing all the other crafts you are doing and your weaving is beautiful! Your knitting is not shabby either and you really have been busy. I love watching you knit lace but I don't want to make you feel that it is a pressure sort of a thing. Just enjoy yourself and publish whatever you want. I have two blogs. One for the lace, the other for other crafts or types of knitting. Less pressure.

Michelle said...

Oh no! More weaving. I. Must. Not. Start. Another. Hobby. [wink] It's very hard to resist, especially when I see your two tencel scarves. Just lovely!

I have to admit that I've been plugging away reading The Fiery Cross for the last two or so years. LOL Me bad. I have read about 25 other books during that span, though. I have heard that A much better. Maybe that one will only take me a year to read. LOL

Kathy said...

Michelle, if you feel like you could give up knitting then sure go for the weaving, it is just as addicting. LOL, one of the new weavers at our guild said exactly the same thing as me when I started weaving, " I needed another hobby like I needed a hole in the head."
Glad to see you are enjoying Fiery cross as much as me. I have just about finished a series of 5 books, I am about half way though the last one, while I was waiting for 3,4 and 5 to be delivered I think I read a chapter of Fiery Cross.
I hope the last one is more riveting.

Jane, I think I need another blog for all the other stuff too, one for knitting solely though, but the temptation to have one for lace is there as well. I can't keep up with one though so three stand no hope.

Mamaloo, it is a lovely colourway, and I got that ball for $5, a sale starting the day after I was there, so they let me get it at sale price, I should have bought so many more balls. I have a complex about being a sock knitter though, so no more than 100gr leaves a store with me at one time. The colour ways are nice, and I love the long lengths of colour, good for plain socks.


Sande Francis said...

And she weaves, too! I love your cottolin towel. I have a smallish cone of cottolin in "natural," but am a bit shy of weaving with such a thin yarn. I've made scads of scarves on my RH loom (plain weave) with worsted wt warp and Lion Brand Homespun as weft. They are quick and very popular and quite cost effective, but not a whole lot of use for me personally.
I'd love to start weaving some towels (I have scads of cones of cotton) but I don't have enough room in the "studio" to warp or weave on either of my floor looms. My 2 table looms need work to be usable and I'm just not motivated. I have been spinning, tho, so I can finish up my shawl for the fair in Sept... too many projects, not nearly enough time!