Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Mystery shawl

The knit along is going great, with a fantastic group that are well behaved, polite and doing well knitting along, all seems to be well, I am starting to hear eerie music playing in my ears, nothing should be this easy should it!

Well, one more clue to post, then all will be done and I can get back to normal, I guess that would be ignoring the fact that I have a blog, and knitting erratically.

Quite the opposite has been true though during the KAL, I have knit on two things, a spice caravan robe, which is almost finished, and my own, yet another of the Mystery shawl.

Pictures should be coming soon, I know I keep promising, but life has a terrible way of interrupting my thought train. I have loved knitting the Robe, and am already thinking of other colourways to knit it in. That will have to wait though as I have another design on the needles, it just popped up in the past week, so I have been test running it today, and I quite like it, so will see where it goes. So I guess I have 3 things on the needles right now, OK, two are almost finished though.

The girls have been knitting today, both of them, I almost fell over. Katherine can really knit now, and Elizabeth is venturing in the realm of YO's and decreases. A proud moment for Mommy.

The weather has been a bit sucky this summer, either scorching hot or threatening rain clouds and thunder storms. I really dislike settling down on the deck to knit, only to have to run indoors again 5 minutes later burdened down by knitting, cups and other stuff that finds its way out so quickly.

Summer is nowhere near done, yet already I am planning September. I have been asked if I would like to work at my local yarn store, seems like a bit of a silly question to me! Anyway, it obviously isn't a silly question as the owner June, doesn't know my plans. SO I think I will be going to work there soon. COOL!
June is super nice too, I think she is just really lovely, and I can't wait to talk things through with her, should be fun.....


Friday, July 04, 2008

Urmm, am I stupid!?!?!?!?

Last Friday, the first day of the school holidays, I was sat on my deck, knowing, deeply that something was missing in my life, something that had happened in previous years, like a tradition, on this first day of the holidays. It was later that day I realized it was knitting, knitting the Mystery stole KAL. It isn't happening this year until August, Melanie has passed along the torch to her Mom this year so that she may have some time with her child this summer, fair do's!

That's all fine and well but what about me?
I feel like a chunk of life is missing, like I don't have enough going on in my life.

Just shoot me now.
I just started a group, on yahoo, for a mystery KAL.
It's lace, it's a shawl, it's triangular, and it's my own design, go ahead join if you think I might have a decent design in me.

Mystery KAL

Let's hope it's not me, myself and I in there.
It will start next Friday, the 11th, and the last clue will be posted on the first of August, in time for the start of the stole KAL that Melanie's mom will host this year.