Friday, July 04, 2008

Urmm, am I stupid!?!?!?!?

Last Friday, the first day of the school holidays, I was sat on my deck, knowing, deeply that something was missing in my life, something that had happened in previous years, like a tradition, on this first day of the holidays. It was later that day I realized it was knitting, knitting the Mystery stole KAL. It isn't happening this year until August, Melanie has passed along the torch to her Mom this year so that she may have some time with her child this summer, fair do's!

That's all fine and well but what about me?
I feel like a chunk of life is missing, like I don't have enough going on in my life.

Just shoot me now.
I just started a group, on yahoo, for a mystery KAL.
It's lace, it's a shawl, it's triangular, and it's my own design, go ahead join if you think I might have a decent design in me.

Mystery KAL

Let's hope it's not me, myself and I in there.
It will start next Friday, the 11th, and the last clue will be posted on the first of August, in time for the start of the stole KAL that Melanie's mom will host this year.


Soo said...

Well, I'll join in -- although I've got some deadline knitting I have to do so might be late starting!

Anonymous said...

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wholesale Burberry Handbags said...

Eeeek - how can it be almost over? I haven't even cast on yet!!!! Dang these other knitting commitments. I'm off to see the others' progress....