Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Mystery shawl

The knit along is going great, with a fantastic group that are well behaved, polite and doing well knitting along, all seems to be well, I am starting to hear eerie music playing in my ears, nothing should be this easy should it!

Well, one more clue to post, then all will be done and I can get back to normal, I guess that would be ignoring the fact that I have a blog, and knitting erratically.

Quite the opposite has been true though during the KAL, I have knit on two things, a spice caravan robe, which is almost finished, and my own, yet another of the Mystery shawl.

Pictures should be coming soon, I know I keep promising, but life has a terrible way of interrupting my thought train. I have loved knitting the Robe, and am already thinking of other colourways to knit it in. That will have to wait though as I have another design on the needles, it just popped up in the past week, so I have been test running it today, and I quite like it, so will see where it goes. So I guess I have 3 things on the needles right now, OK, two are almost finished though.

The girls have been knitting today, both of them, I almost fell over. Katherine can really knit now, and Elizabeth is venturing in the realm of YO's and decreases. A proud moment for Mommy.

The weather has been a bit sucky this summer, either scorching hot or threatening rain clouds and thunder storms. I really dislike settling down on the deck to knit, only to have to run indoors again 5 minutes later burdened down by knitting, cups and other stuff that finds its way out so quickly.

Summer is nowhere near done, yet already I am planning September. I have been asked if I would like to work at my local yarn store, seems like a bit of a silly question to me! Anyway, it obviously isn't a silly question as the owner June, doesn't know my plans. SO I think I will be going to work there soon. COOL!
June is super nice too, I think she is just really lovely, and I can't wait to talk things through with her, should be fun.....



Miss 376 said...

I always wanted to work in a yarn shop, though I think too much of it would've ended up at home

Soo said...

Eeeek - how can it be almost over? I haven't even cast on yet!!!! Dang these other knitting commitments. I'm off to see the others' progress....

Kathy said...

Miss 376, I agree and that prospect scares me a little!

Soo, those other knitting commitments are what keep us one bad project away from the Loony bin. I feel like I am teetering recently so had to cut back all projects to a bare minimum.


fleegle said...

You can pick up your ribbon on my blog post today :)

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