Monday, June 25, 2007


Some pictures of recent things that I never got around to actually blogging about, in other words catch up time.

A few weeks ago Katherine came to me with a set of needles and a ball of sock yarn and said "teach me to make socks" Kodak moment, unfortunately I didn't have a camera on me. I was almost in tears she was so damn cute.

She has, since she was about 18 months old tried to knit, each attempt getting her closer, this latest attempt sees her almost fully forming a knit stitch.

Check out that concentration.

She is still trying, but doesn't like too much instruction from me as she thinks she knows everything now.

These are the buttons I ordered from a lady on Etsy. I will have to find a link to her.
I can't say enough about this woman, she was wonderful, she worked to what I wanted, size and colour, and came through amazingly. She put up with my slow response and indecision.

In the end I loved the buttons so much that when she showed me three sets, two white and reds for me to chose from, I decided I wanted the three sets instead of the two.

And look at the gift she sent me!!!! I love it, but am not sure what to hang it on as I only wear a single necklace, and am more than comfortable with it, I may have to save it for special occasions.

She posted quickly, it arrived safely and promptly.
Her service was outstanding, and I WILL do business with her again.

In April at the guild we did screen printing as the meeting workshop, Sandi Luck one of the members daughters came and showed us how.

What a fun project!

These are the items I got to take home, all of the designs were made by the guild members.

Thats enough for now, the next post should be up to date.


Monday, June 18, 2007

This morning

Dave called from the UK, his exact words were " Well we just got home from the hospital, with a little boy."

I am sure they are as blown away by this as me, probably a lot more so. Much is needed to change, like the bright pink car seat he came home in, the clothes that Dave had to go buy from the gift shop in the hospital, just so the poor lad wasn't all gussied up in pink.

I actually feel a little silly now for having bought and made all that girly stuff. I should have bought at least a few things that were boy/girl, I think there was one thing that fits that bill.

I have lots of knitting to do.

Please welcome David to the world though, David is a family name on the Fathers side so it is fitting he gets that name, not like we would notice one more David in our family either. We even have it as a surname in my moms branch of the family, Davidson that is.

I have a cousin David, an Uncle Dave, now the sisters chap and son are David, Ron has an Uncle Dave and two cousins called David. One thing though, my Dads name is Ron, so I guess the new parents thought both Grandfathers name would be good for first and middle name, so David Ronald, now that isn't my favourite name, and I know one other Ronald that will be super smug about the choice of name.
Ron, the love of my life, I am sure will drive me daft about this.

I have been promised pictures soon. What a difference a day makes, yesterday I was hoping they would remember to get photo's in some of the stuff I sent, today I REALLY hope they don't LOL.

My sisters daughters are going to have a bit of shock when they get home from school. Molly wanted a brother at first, but was happy with a girl.

Still blown away.

Please looky here, what a beautiful piece of work. Well done Miss Alice Faye.

This is only the second WRS I know of finished other than the designers.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Still waiting

Like a cat on hot bricks I am just about jumping up and down waiting.

I just finished talking to my Mom and my sis, her daughter and her fella Dave, labor has started, very slowly though, it could be a long wait.......

I won't sleep well tonight, unless baby graces us quickly.
There is a tradition of babies being born two years apart in our family, so far it's always been siblings, but me and my sister didn't follow that. However, it is my cousin's little girls second birthday today, so it would be sweet if she hurried up a bit, but it is 9:40 pm in the UK, so not much chance now unless she just flies out.

The parcel arrived on time, phewww....... Everybody loves all the gifts, and I have ordered pictures of Baby in some of them. Let's hope they remember, but I think I can forgive if they don't.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I was going to wait until the big event, to put a name with whom I am talking about but I still haven't heard anything yet, and she is supposed to be here tomorrow.

My sister is due to have her baby tomorrow, and I am fed up of calling the baby Lily/Ruby, hair colour is going to determine her name. my sister is a red head, and so far she hasn't produced a red haired child, but the hopes are all on this little one. If she is a red head obviously Ruby is the name.
I have been so busy making this child clothes and blankets that I had to put a lot of other stuff aside. I had put my deadline as a month before she was due to get everything posted to the UK in time, well Katherine's surgery fell on that exact day, so things got shuffled a bit and I was still late finishing everything and getting it posted, let's hope she isn't waiting for the parcel before her big arrival. My sister will be a hippo.

Anyway, here are the rest of the things that got posted to her along with all the other bits I had made that I posted about a few weeks ago.

This is a EZ surprise jacket, slightly different from the original, stocking stich based with a little bit of lace. Made in Koigu, with hand made glass buttons from a wonderful Etsy artist. I will post more about her later. The little hat is a lacy vine hat from Knitting daily, that thing is sweet, I could make lots of them. I should have modeled it on a baby doll, but couldn't find the doll I knew it would fit right.

This is a jacket made in sumlime, a wonderful little jacket that obviously knits up quickly, the sublime yarn is exactly that, a real treat to knit with.

What handmade package would be complete without a hand made card. I saw this as a freebie on a cross stitch magazine, from the UK no less, and knew I had to make it for Baby.

My girls are both so sweet, Elizabeth hand felted a little teddy bear for baby, and Katherine insisted I send her favourite baby book to her. This didn't help with the cost of the shipping.
Her book was a Noddy book, which of course also originally came from Britain, it was sent to her by her great grandmother.
This baby will be living in the lap of luxury in those little cardigans I made for her, and there is more being made already for bigger sizes, but Koigu and Sublime are definitely on the list again.

There was one other cardi made but I neglected to get a picture of it. I wasn't overly keen on it anyway, it looked way too wide.

Monday, June 11, 2007

A great weekend.

So super freaking cool, well done Spiders

I wish I had been there to see some of that gold winning magic.

On Saturday I went to the Ontario Hand spinners seminar in Barrie, it was brilliant.
I took a cotton spinning class, and I really loved it, so much that the spindle I promised myself in the sales area turned into a akha spindle specifically for cotton. While I may not actually use it for much cotton it is a super little lace spindle. Now I have never done much drop spindle spinning, I think it may have been the spindles I was using to be honest. I got a Woodshaper, better known as a Forrester spindle, and I am in love, I think that maybe now, I get it. What ever it is.
I bought some superwash merino and tencel that is being spun up on it right now. I got lots of cotton, and a big bag of merino seacell blend.

I could have spent so much more.... It was a sin the amount of fibres there. It was more of a sin that I didn't come home with more.

I met a lot of interesting folk, the funniest being when me and another lady were humming and hawwing over a merino colour, I said something to the woman I was with, and the other lady turned to me and said something along the lines of, your from the same area as me (for folks not in the know that's the midlands in england. Sure enough, very close to each other, I am from outside of the Birmingham area, she was from an area of Birmingham. So I stop for a minute, take a look at her, and then it hit me, where I had seen her before. I promptly said "Ohhhh, your a Toronto Spider!" Yup, Julie, the one I have only ever seen on pictures posted by Wannietta, at that point I had no idea they got the gold or I think she would have got a hug, poor lass. I did see Lorraine Smith around and about as well.

Well anyway, the bad blogger in me refused to remember to take some pictures of the whole do, so I will only have some fibre piccies to show, and they are kind of boring, most of the fibre is a natural colour. I couldn't find any natural coloured cotton which was a shame, as I will have to shop through the states, and we were warned that this was likely the case.

Gotta go, got lots of knitting on the go that needs attention. I started a new lace stole last night, and I am all excited to carry on with it.