Monday, June 11, 2007

A great weekend.

So super freaking cool, well done Spiders

I wish I had been there to see some of that gold winning magic.

On Saturday I went to the Ontario Hand spinners seminar in Barrie, it was brilliant.
I took a cotton spinning class, and I really loved it, so much that the spindle I promised myself in the sales area turned into a akha spindle specifically for cotton. While I may not actually use it for much cotton it is a super little lace spindle. Now I have never done much drop spindle spinning, I think it may have been the spindles I was using to be honest. I got a Woodshaper, better known as a Forrester spindle, and I am in love, I think that maybe now, I get it. What ever it is.
I bought some superwash merino and tencel that is being spun up on it right now. I got lots of cotton, and a big bag of merino seacell blend.

I could have spent so much more.... It was a sin the amount of fibres there. It was more of a sin that I didn't come home with more.

I met a lot of interesting folk, the funniest being when me and another lady were humming and hawwing over a merino colour, I said something to the woman I was with, and the other lady turned to me and said something along the lines of, your from the same area as me (for folks not in the know that's the midlands in england. Sure enough, very close to each other, I am from outside of the Birmingham area, she was from an area of Birmingham. So I stop for a minute, take a look at her, and then it hit me, where I had seen her before. I promptly said "Ohhhh, your a Toronto Spider!" Yup, Julie, the one I have only ever seen on pictures posted by Wannietta, at that point I had no idea they got the gold or I think she would have got a hug, poor lass. I did see Lorraine Smith around and about as well.

Well anyway, the bad blogger in me refused to remember to take some pictures of the whole do, so I will only have some fibre piccies to show, and they are kind of boring, most of the fibre is a natural colour. I couldn't find any natural coloured cotton which was a shame, as I will have to shop through the states, and we were warned that this was likely the case.

Gotta go, got lots of knitting on the go that needs attention. I started a new lace stole last night, and I am all excited to carry on with it.



Wannietta said...

Thanks Kathy!
I'm glad you had fun - I was there Friday night and it wasn't a waste of time.
How's Katherine?

Kathy said...

I did have fun, and can't wait for next year now.

I am glad to see you thinking about the Lendrum for yourself, it seems to be a very popular wheel.

Katherine is doing great, I guess I should do an update on her now that all the swelling and redness has gone, there was no piccies for a long time, especially during the pink eye phase.....