Sunday, June 17, 2007

Still waiting

Like a cat on hot bricks I am just about jumping up and down waiting.

I just finished talking to my Mom and my sis, her daughter and her fella Dave, labor has started, very slowly though, it could be a long wait.......

I won't sleep well tonight, unless baby graces us quickly.
There is a tradition of babies being born two years apart in our family, so far it's always been siblings, but me and my sister didn't follow that. However, it is my cousin's little girls second birthday today, so it would be sweet if she hurried up a bit, but it is 9:40 pm in the UK, so not much chance now unless she just flies out.

The parcel arrived on time, phewww....... Everybody loves all the gifts, and I have ordered pictures of Baby in some of them. Let's hope they remember, but I think I can forgive if they don't.


Cynthia said...

Good luck! I wish you not a long wait and for the mother to be not a terribly hard labour. I do hope you get a quick answer!

Kathy said...

Oh me too Cynthia, but nothing yet, what a long time it has been already, I don't know why I am so jumpy, it's not like I am waiting for a call to go and visit my new niece.