Monday, June 18, 2007

This morning

Dave called from the UK, his exact words were " Well we just got home from the hospital, with a little boy."

I am sure they are as blown away by this as me, probably a lot more so. Much is needed to change, like the bright pink car seat he came home in, the clothes that Dave had to go buy from the gift shop in the hospital, just so the poor lad wasn't all gussied up in pink.

I actually feel a little silly now for having bought and made all that girly stuff. I should have bought at least a few things that were boy/girl, I think there was one thing that fits that bill.

I have lots of knitting to do.

Please welcome David to the world though, David is a family name on the Fathers side so it is fitting he gets that name, not like we would notice one more David in our family either. We even have it as a surname in my moms branch of the family, Davidson that is.

I have a cousin David, an Uncle Dave, now the sisters chap and son are David, Ron has an Uncle Dave and two cousins called David. One thing though, my Dads name is Ron, so I guess the new parents thought both Grandfathers name would be good for first and middle name, so David Ronald, now that isn't my favourite name, and I know one other Ronald that will be super smug about the choice of name.
Ron, the love of my life, I am sure will drive me daft about this.

I have been promised pictures soon. What a difference a day makes, yesterday I was hoping they would remember to get photo's in some of the stuff I sent, today I REALLY hope they don't LOL.

My sisters daughters are going to have a bit of shock when they get home from school. Molly wanted a brother at first, but was happy with a girl.

Still blown away.


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