Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How Bizarre, some things you would just never think of, especially when your more couch monster than mountain climber, Mt everest clean up.

I had a strange bag given to me yesterday, it contains a bit of a story, a lot of acrylic wool, has traveled from Florida to Michigan to Ontario, and I have no idea where it will go next, but for the love of the art, I am going to be the last stop on the knitting journey.

My sister in law is a science fiction fan, and goes to a lot of the conventions, don't worry, she is banned from costume wearing at birthday parties. She is a big Doctor who fan, she spent the past weekend in Michigan at some convention, I had the pleasure of looking after the cat and the birds as usual, gotta say here I am no fan of birds, and she has a lot of them.
Anyway, the bag, she comes over last night with this garbage bag , I could see knitting needles poking out of it, so my interest was piqued right there, She has never been known to knit, so I knew this involved me somehow.

A lady had died while in the middle of knitting a doctor who scarf, for the 4th Doc apparently, I only know this as I was informed last night, the 4th doctor wore a horrendously large scarf, hand knit by the woman that had been given a bag of yarn and told to knit a scarf, so she just knit, and knit and continued knitting, until it was 25 feet long, this is where I know that the scarf I have in my possession is only half way done, it's already about 12 feet long. Now this is a scarf from the seventies, I know this as I used to watch doctor who myself as a kid in Britain, so it's not a pretty thing. The ladies daughter had found this bag in a closet after her mom had died and knew how much her mom would love to see the scarf finished, this is where I come in, I don't know where it's going after I finish it, but its not staying here, there is just no need for 25 ft scarves in this house, the majority of the population of this house is under 5'6" tall. Me being the only over that height will not be wearing it either, so just get that out of your mind right now.

I can't see that there is enough yarn to make it the right length (big sigh of relief) so will do all I can just to get it finished, then pass it along to the sis in law, and she can then maybe find a fan that would want it.

I only said I would finish it as the woman had spent so much time knitting this thing, and it was her first knitting project, you gotta give the woman an A for effort on that first knitting project.


Jane said...

I used to watch Doctor Who as well! You are a good person for knitting on that scarf. Good luck with it.

TheKnittingBlogbyMrPuffytheDog said...

I think that is wonderful. It would be such a shame for her scarf to never be finished. Hey, if your sis ever hears of a Star Trek convention, I'm in.

Kathy said...

the scarf remains untouched. After a bout of painful hands again I got to the cross stitching. It's fun, but now I am ready to knit again I think.

My sis in law is always buzzing around canada and the US at sci fi conventions, the one before michigan was a stargate thing in Vancouver, which she absolutely loved.
I just had a look at the blog there, your dog is cute! Great knitting too, I loved the shawl.

WIll pop in again soon, but busy right now, so haven't got much time to respond to anything, got a pot luck dinner to go to, yum!