Saturday, May 19, 2007

Getting back to norm.

Short post for today, I have been busy, and will be so for a few more days, then I can do so unveiling of what I have been working on. Princess has had to take a back seat for a while. I plan to get back at it next week though.
I ordered Victorian Lace today yesterday, and some alpaca yarn from knitpicks, also a few other lace patterns that I have been hankering for. You may see something of a little pattern right there. Yep, I am back to the lace. So many other things distracted me recently that lace has taken a back seat. I plan to rectify that very, very soon.
There has actually been so much going on here that I am surprised I have gotten anything finished, far from it I have gotten lots finished.

Katherine's eyes are getting better, they are still red and a little swollen, they are hurting her now, but I think that is the itching from the stitches dissolving, eye drops are no longer an issue, she gladly takes them. Occassionally though I have to cuddle her for half an hour though until the Motrin kicks in.

See you soon.....

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missalicefaye said...

I think weaving is fascinating, although I don't understand it at all. :) But it's certainly acceptable blog fodder!

And what an adorable baby sweater....