Sunday, March 12, 2006

Olympic generated knitting funk

It appears that many people suffered a sort of low, or funk after the olympics ended. I was part of that group. The day it all ended I cast on a shawl, ripped it out, next day, a doily, ripped it out. So I started a pair of socks, which are now finished. I also started a top for Elizabeth, who will be 8 this month, it is almost finished too, just knitting on edges and straps.
No photoies for today though.

I have been doing a lot of spinning, I spun up some lovely black, natural and orange corriedale for some estonian mittens for Ron, his dad was Estonian, so I get to knit him a traditional pair. I am using a pattern from Nancy Bush's book. I will get around to a post about them and fill in the details then.
I am also spinning a lot of mystery fibre, all I know is that it is wool. No idea what kind, so far I have 5 oz's spun, I tried a natural dye from the Spectrum book of dying, this book is a book about dye plants of ontario. My guild has produced the book. Sales have gone well, but there is more.

I dyed with Parsley, and while I was dying I noticed in the footnotes that it was a poor dye. Gee, now I see it...!!!!!%&$^#
Well I agreed about the poor dye, but had to have a stab at an afterbath. I used vinegar as I just can't seem to locate neat ammonia anywhere. Vinegar sharpened up the colour a little but not really much of a change. Next on the hit list is lettuce, spinach and onion skins. I expect more from them after Parsleys poor showing!

My Mom and sister went to Rome last week, I have yet to hear how there trip was, needless so say I was jealous, stuck here in Ontario.


Wannietta said...

I felt the funk too! Unfortunately I've had to forcibly haul myself out of it as the deadlines could give a crap. lol
You'll pull through - the right something will come along and entice you in just the perfect way.

Kathy said...

With all the spinning and dying I have been doing I haven't done much knitting at all. I did however get back into the "doily" I tried doing before. More to come on that in a post later today or tomorrow.