Monday, December 10, 2007

A disappearing trick

Well for a few days at least anyway, Exam time again.
These feel really important this time. I will be half way through this course if I pass all this term. I think there is still lots more to do after those, but right now, half way. It will be good, and I think I really have to screw up the final to fail.

Lots of knitting and weaving going on.
Christmas stuff mainly.

1 table runner for mom, second on loom went to guild shop.
3 woven scarfs, one for Sisters chap.
2 headbands one for niece other for Katherine
1 scarf for sister, the fiddlesticks florence, almost finished, although I have now missed the deadline for guarenteed delivery to Britain for Christmas.
Hat and mitts for Elizabeth, mitts done, hat, all the yarn is spun up, and hat is about 33%

Buying, lots, heehee, of course. I tried the silk garden light in a woven scarf with a black weft and it came out awesome.
I finally got me a cone of colourmart cashmere/silk, yes I was a colourmart virgin. Feels good to have passed that now, boy, great service and a wonderful product.
I bought an ebay item, a Burda magazine, that should be here soon.
One of the nicest things though has been a skein of Naturally one ply angora wool, I made two headbands from it, and it is divine, I see lots more of it in my future.

Hopefully I can insert some photo's soon, but my mind is all a tiz with studying, and trying to sort out photo's right now is not appealing to me.

So I will be back after Thursday with piccies.


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