Friday, May 26, 2006


A good friend died on Wednesday.
Ann had courageously fought ovarian cancer for a long time.

Ann was the kind of woman you wanted on your side, she may have seemed harsh sometimes, but she was a no nonsense woman that told you like it was.
Ann was a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, knitter, weaver, spinner, great cook. With her passing I am learning more about her.

I last saw Ann in January at a guild work night, busy knitting away, having a laugh with everyone.

As a guild member she was an inspiration to everyone, as a person she was also inspirational. Her zest for life, the encouragement she offered everyone, her Rowan jelly..... Yummmmmm

Her Son kept a carepage for Ann while she was in hospital, it was a way for everyone to get updates and to send well wishes to her without having to inundate the family with visitors and phonecalls. I truely appreciate the effort that he made doing this, as I never felt that I was one of the immediate friends that should be visiting her.
I would have loved to, but she had so many other people that were closer.

I met Ann less than three years ago, when I joined Burr house spinners and weavers.
As part of the guild membership, we work a few shifts in the store that is run by the guilds, Ann's work was always the stuff I picked up at the store, her work was simply amazing.

I will miss her very much.

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