Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Passing the torch along

Ok so I apologize to the like, one reader of my blog, that I haven't posted in over a month.
We had internet issues for 2 days, 2DAYS man, I got over it pretty quickly, still seething at bell a bit, but we soon figured out what to do with no computer, problem is I got to into not doing computer, and I am now just getting back to reading blogs, etc, but still not totally into it.

Tomorrow is my tenth wedding anniversary. My gift is a new digital camera, I so loved my old Olympus digital that I went with another, this one is a 6.0 MP, I am stoked, tomorrow the old will pass along it's approval to the new. I am not opening it until then, but hopefully will get piccies up soon after that.

I have of course been busy knitting, what on earth else would I do with no computer. I finished my moms shawl the green moss from HK's simply stunning line.
I have made socks, a shrug is almost finished, I have spun, I have done lots of weaving, I have plans to make a FLAK for Ron, I made a lace baby booty.
I have been busy, but perhaps the biggest thing in my news recently is that I start work again this week. Part time, in a shop, it is exactly what I wanted, Katherine is still only part time school, so I want a care free job until she is in school full time. In those two years I want to finish my architecture diploma and hopefully do a course with Humber college for Building inspection, I really should have a few other ideas if that doesn't work out.
History seems to be my second biggest interest next to knitting, that and architecture go hand in hand so I think I should also look down that avenue.

My hand is still hurting, I finished a month of anti-inflammatories, they helped but not completely, so I have another two month supply, at least the burning sensation has all but stopped.
I am finding it hard to completely stop knitting to let them heal. My other hobbies hurt just as much. The last resort is a major jigsaw puzzle. I don't particularly want to end up having surgery for it, so I should stop knitting, but I have things I need to finish, others can wait, it's these few things I need to finish that are bothering me.

Anyway, more tomorrow hopefully, don't hold me to it though, as I know that I uually don't post for a month when I say something like that.


Wannietta said...

I'm glad that your hand is getting better - even though it's slow.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Jason said...

Happy anniversary! I know how it is to not wanting to get back to the blogs. For me it is the fear of not paying enough attention to other things. Look how long it took for me to read your October post. LOL

Please take care of or hand. It's best to let it heal properly than having problems to come back.