Monday, December 11, 2006

With two weeks to go

I am sadly behind in all the knitting I had planned for gifts.

I have decided to gift myself this year, the gift of taking it easy, my hand now no longer hurts, and it feels good to say that, so instead of rushing right back in and ending right where I was two months ago, I have decided not to worry about gifts, those that need to be posted will just have to be late, those that are for people here will just have to wait. If anyone ever wants handmade crap from me again, they will have to wait.

I don't want surgery!!!!

I am however busy making a pioneer costume for Eliz, she visits a pioneer school on wednesday (is there something wrong with how that is spelled? Spell check is highlighting it) she is really into all this stuff, I think in most part because of my involvement with the Burr House, spinning and weaving and of course the knitting.
They get to eat a proper lunch, mason jars and home made bread, LOL, I am making her some bread in a neat little kit I found at a store.
Photo's will follow, I just don't have any right now.

It has been so long since I have posted pictures that I will have to do a big photo post, I have lots of FO's to show, so soon hopefully.


Wannietta said...

Welcome back!! I hope you don't have to have surgery either. Sounds like the rest is working.

We'll have to get together over the winter break - do you have a day that is better than another? I don't have anything planned yet.

Kathy said...

I will see next weeks schedule for work tomorrow Wannietta, of course they will likely change it ten times between now and then, so will have to get back to you about when is good, but we will definitely have to get together.