Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I have had some Princess pictures sitting around doing nothing for a while now, I really should share. I also dragged out the Unst stole and almost did some knitting on it.

Trying to get a good photo of the Princess is turning into a chore all of its own.

I have also joined two more yahoo groups. One is the 88 snowflakes group, 88 crochet snowflakes in a year. I joined last month and have done 8 already, January's that is. I am already falling way behind, I try to do 3 a week, but haven't managed that for a few weeks now. One is blocked the rest are in need.

I also joined a cross stitch group, Wannietta is doing the mystery x cross stitch from Chatelaine, and it is gorgeous so far, so I decided to go ahead and join too, I got the charts, I got the fabric, I just can't decide whether to get the thread kit or not, it is pricey, and I do already have most of the DMC colours, but the threads with the kit are some pretty looking things. That said I don't cross stitch much anymore, and I can't tell you how many unfinished projects I have waiting in the wings for some attention. I started one at christmas, didn't get far, bought magazine's with stuff I want to do, but so far, not much has been stitched.

In further knitting news....

I tried shadow knitting.

I do have a side view piccie of that but for some reason blogger just won't get the photo I want, it comes up with the original where all the mess on my stove can be seen, yukk!.
I will get another later and try to post it.

I also finally finished my hand spun fingerless gloves. I will post a picture later maybe, I also finished Elizabeth's socks in time for her birthday.

I also have a passion for jigsaw puzzles. After finishing a 1000 piece that consisted of an awful lot of pink and yellow, it was Disney Princess's, I decided to go for the shaped puzzle again, Katherine in her infinite wisdom decided a year ago that the puzzle I had spent hours, days on, should in fact all be back in it's original single piece form. I put it away, and now I want to do it again, now that Katherine is a bit older and not so willing to destroy many many hours worth of work.
I haven't got very far.


Wannietta said...

Princess is absolutely regal - she will be a veritable vision once she's blocked!!
Yes, the Chatelaine kits aren't cheap, but amortized over the course of a year (or longer if I keep getting/staying behind) it's not so bad & it is truly art. That's my justification and I'm sticking to it.

Jane said...

Your Princess Shawl is really stunning and I applaude your progress. Lovely pictures

missalicefaye said...

oh, my--the Princess insertion is just beautiful. I love seeing how it's constructed--thank you! :)

Jean said...

Kathy, the Princess is looking terrific. You've done a brilliant job with the insertion and the beginning of the centre. Never mind snowflakes and shadow knitting and jigsaw puzzles, I'd say: just knit the Princess!

Kathy said...

Awww, thank you all I am gushing, Jean you and the WRS knitters are what are keeping me sane through Princess. That and tiddly little things to knit on in between.

Cross stitch seems to be occupying my tiny little brain today, I actually stitched on the project I started at Christmas!