Thursday, February 09, 2006

I must stop thinking....

Geez, one day to the big Olympic knit off, and I am stil humming and hawwing over if I should join, what I should knit, my email to Jen at team Canada bounced back, so I didn't get signed up yet, that left me wondering if I should.
No yarn for peacock yet, and I still think I should use the yarn that is on my wheel.
Then I thought..... Geez, I just shouldn't have thought, now I have another idea.

Daffodil, by Marianne Kinzel. I have the yarn, it isn't started, I have the pattern, all I don't have is time. I don't think it is a 16 day do-able. It took me a month to do the Balmoral. I am pretty sure that was a one project piece as well, nothing as filler, no socks, no scarfs, no lace, no other anything!

What would be the point of the challenge if I actually thought it was easily do-able. I think Peacock may be that easy. Daffodil definitely isn't.

I must think more.....

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