Sunday, February 05, 2006

A sad weekend

Ty lost his battle on Friday. Elizabeth had gone to see him in the afternoon, I checked in on them, and found what I thought was my baby girl holding a dead hamster, but he choked out another few breathes, and passed peacefully in my hands.

My sister in law also lost a bird on Friday.

Rest in peace little ones, I hope that the rainbow bridge is all they say it is.

Knitting news, Pi is almost done, and I still haven't figured out how to put up the button! Duh..... I am so dense, I tried once, and got it, then screwed something up and lost it all, then tried again, didn't even get close!

LOL.... one day I will manage it, maybe within the time frame of the KAL.

I started a pair of jaywalker socks yesterday, I am not a sock lover, or a sock knitter, so these bright red socks are definitely for me. I don't mind low ankle socks so much so that is what they will be.

I ordered some yarn from knit picks today, yarn for the peacock, and some sock yarn, I am determined to get into sock knitting, god knows why, maybe to distract me from lace? Won't work, but I will try, and if it fails, well I will have to add it to the stash.

The family have all come down with a lousy cold this weekend, mine is finally starting to clear up, hopefully back to normal tomorrow, but this just capped off what started as a crap weekend!

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