Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Second sock syndrome begone!

Well, I finally managed to get going on my jaywalker socks, determined to make myself a pair of socks, I found a pattern I like, and even more determinedly started both at the same time, cuff for cuff, ankle for ankle, heel for heel, and now turned both heels. It is actually far less tedious this way, and it looks like I will finally complete a pair of socks.
Zellers has been selling off their sock yarn for $1 a ball, so I naturally bought up lots, I think I got 7 or 9 balls, I got some single balls, they will do to make sockies for Baby Doll, she still has wee enough feet to get two socks from one ball, Eliz has monster feet though, she is a size 4 already, she is still 7! I think her feet may end up being biggerer than my boats.

I succumbed to peer pressure, and today signed up for team Canada! My plan is to knit the Peacock shawl by Fiddlesticks. One major problemo though, I only ordered my yarn on sunday, I can't see it arriving in time. My way round this though, is one of two ideas. I don't think I will decide until cast on day though.
First stupid idea, carry on knitting flirty ruffles which I obviously won't have finished before the big day. Cast on as soon as the yarn arrives.
Second stupid idea, I have some singles on the wheel right now, not fine enough if I ply, so would have to stay as singles, and use that for peacock, I think it is do-able with this yarn, only problem with this stupid idea is that there is some very thin spots, and this yarn was destined to finish my Pi shawl.

I have a lot of thinking to do before Friday.

There is one other option, but this is so not going to happen (probably will end being what does happen) I have lots of this acrylic yarn, very fine, that I plied to make the ruffles shawl, very nice blue, but really I don't want to make two from the same stuff, the only reason ruffles is being made of it is because I want something to throw into the car, a carry around shawl, and with two little girls that love to dress up in my shawls, that usually climb all over my poor car in messy shoes, that eat and spill a lot of food in my car, I figured something that could get thrown into the machine was OK! Can't say I am loving the process so much with this yarn, but I love Ruffles so much I have about three other yarns and colourways picked out for it that I will (not) end up doing it in.

Yesterday we got snow, Wierton willy has a lot to answer for. Early spring my bum!

And doesn't baby Doll look happy!!!!!!!!!

She had actually been outside for a long time at that point. Her face was bright red and she just couldn't keep her mitts on anymore.

We actually got about 8 inches of snow, this is the first snow we have had really stay for more than a day since december, in Ontario, that's just freaky.
We of course went out and played in the snow for about two hours, it was fun, alas it wasn't sticky, so no snowmen.

Here are some more pictures from the big event!

This is a picture of the creek at the side of our property. I could hear the water rushing, but could barely see where the water was.

This is the swing set that Daddy built for his two little girls last year, boy was that ever a good build. We already have plans for an extension in the spring.

This is the deck that Daddy built. Isn't he a genius~~~~~~

It just looked so lovely covered in snow.

And finally for today, here is a picture of our latest pet, Maggie, the monster cat!
She came to us the week before christmas, she is 12-14 years old, her previous owner was an elderly lady that had passed on. Maggie is huge, she weighed 21 pounds when she arrived here, and is now at 18-19 pounds. Katherine is only 38 pounds!

As you can see in the picture Maggie is almost the same size as Katherine. Poor baby doll couldn't even pick her up! She is still trying.

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