Friday, April 28, 2006

I was amazed to read this story, The dying sea it disturbs me, I am not a religious person, but for some reason recently I have been drawn to books about the early years of Jesus, and first century AD Israel. I don't think I am getting all religious or anything, I went through an Egyptian phase prior to that, and a Japanese phase before that. I love historical fiction. One book I just finished was Kathy Reichs cross bones, awesome book, I really want to read more of hers now. I am currently reading Lamb

Don't ask me why I ended up here, it seems strange, not really in my line of reading, but I love Christopher Moore books. I have read Fluke, The island of the Squined love Nun and The lust lizard of Melancholy cove. I didn't totally love the love nun, but the lust lizard was hilarious, fluke took me a while to get into purely I think because it was the first time I had read a Moore book. Lamb, well, it's simply brilliant. I have laughed so hard through a lot of it, and I am not yet half way through.

I also ended up reading the Jesus Christ book by Anne Rice. I am a huge fan of Rice, I have read all of the Vampire/witches books. I didn't see how Rice could go from the ghoulish to the religious without losing her charm, but she did, I loved the Christ the Lord I simply wanted more, I would love for there to be another part, her style of writing in the book is beautiful, actually it always is, I still can't quite grasp how I fell for the charms of Lestat in the Vampire books, but I did, and I think the less said about that the better!

I have become good friends with a Lady in my local bookstore, we did a book trade recently, she read all my Sano Ichiro books by Laura Joh Rowland She also got a few other books and read them. I think it's funny how we both like the same kind of books. Our friendship started out when I just couldn't decide what to buy at the store, I was sick of the completely mainstream stuff I had been reading, I wanted something different. Rebecca found lots of books for me to read, I loved all of them.

Anyway, enough about books for now.

The new mystery clues are up, and I can't decide what to use for the green shawl. I might use a pattern from one or two, because nothing pops out at me from the new clues, but I have decided what to use for my purple shawl, so I should go and do some, it won't knit itself!!!

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