Friday, June 09, 2006

Dear Kenny.

Where have you been hiding yourself?

This is pomatomus

This is the yarn I used,

Lovely socks by Cookie A. She also has a pair in the new issue of knitty. Really cute too.

Just to let you know Kenny, I had to go digging around wool shops looking for the vogue issue with the twisted float shrug in it. I got totally absorbed in your talk of the shrug, and now just simply have to make one.

On knitting news, I felt the need for instant gratification~~~~~

I was so fed up with things not going my way, taking too long, whatever, it was time for something to work up quickly, so I made a pair of socks, for DD#2 Katherine. She has little size ten feet, so they work up very quickly, I started first one last night, and this is where I am with them now.

I haven't started on my world cup knitting yet, I want to actually finish the socks first. But this is what I am doing,

The estonian garden wrap.

And the peacock shawl from Fiddlesticks, my adventure in dying took a very weird turn, I have no idea if this yarn will look nice or not, but I thought it was worth trying.

I started with this

And ended with this.

Here is the pattern, for those not familiar with it.

Of course once I had finished dying it I found another ball of the skacel merino that I should have dyed, so hopefully I have enough in what is there otherwise I will be trying to dye a single ball the same as the skein!!!!

Anyway, in the time it took me to write this I could have been finished the flippin sock.

Can't wait to see the footie tomorrow, England's first match, and then the following day the British Formula one from Silverstone England. A good weekend. Hopefully I will get to go shooting too, haven't been in a few weeks, got itchy fingers to blow away a target, my Ruger 10/22 is good for that as it is a semi automatic with a scope. I have a magazine that holds 25 though so I can blow away the target.
I usually use the Bruno though for target shooting, I feel much better with that gun for accuracy. Ronnie loves the Ruger for accuracy. I haven't fired a gun in three weeks, and was told I could use the club directors hand guns if I was there the next week, last time I was there, so I hope he brings them tomorrow. I really loved his 22 revolver, but he sold that. I am very tempted to get my restricted license just so that I can get a 22 revolver, it was a very clean smooth gun, have to find out what it is for when I get one. Knowing the director it is a colt.

Hmm, I am also going to be participating in a small way in the executive committee for my spinning guild, the Burr house spinners and weavers. I think I am like first or second assistant to the VP. Nothing terribly exciting, which is exactly what I wanted. I am looking forward to a very exciting year with the guild, we hope to turn things around this year, and make things work better again. It was a rough year last year. We will be getting a website soon, a member is setting it up for us, and we should be online in a few months.

Karen, a relatively new member ( 2years,I have been there 3 years) of the guild is going to be the president, thankfully lots of members have stepped forward to offer assistance in many varying forms. All the executive positions are filled now, and some have assistants. We really need this level of help to get things moving again I think. Our President this year had two other members helping out, a shame really, I don't know why others wouldn't take the postitions a help out a little.

Anyway, happy weekend everybody.


Wannietta said...

I can't wait to see how your hand dyed yarn knits up!!

Kenny said...

I haven't been hiding. I just didn't know you posted something to me! Leave a comment on my blog. The twisted float shrug is at a standstill right now but I'm alsmost done with the body. Will post more pics when ready!