Thursday, June 22, 2006

Where I'm at.

Okay so almost two weeks have gone by on the FIFA knitting, no photo's today, but I will try for my next post, the Peacock shawl is difficult to photo, working on straights on a triangular shawl, it is difficult to get an anywhere near decent photo.
I am almost 50% on that now, about two rows shy of the half way mark. I am at about the same place with the wrap, but I did get distracted earlier in the week and finally made Baby doll's top, she loves it, it is finished, bar a few ends needing tied in. I also got back to working on my fair isle top, the Pi shawl for Eliz and the shrug for her too.

I went to the sale of Ann's yarn, fleece and equipment last week, I spent a lot, and got tons of stuff. I got a table loom and a really great score of six balls of filatura kid mohair in the most divine yellow colour. That has simply stunning written all over it. I have already made blue diamonds, pink puzzle and the dove shawl from this collection, 6 balls is enough for two of the smaller shawls, so I think Jade and lavender as I want to make the edwardian in the same colour as it is shown, and my sis wants the Green moss shawl made in blue for her. I may have to hold of on my decision as my mom might also want one, she is yet to decide.

I also got the Elsebath Lavold bookViking patterns for knitting I am going to be busy this fall making a number of the sweaters in that book.

I am going to buckle down in the two shawls, try to finish the Estonian one this week, I need to get back to more spinning, I acquired a lot of fleece recently and none of it is getting worked, my storage space shrinks quickly with the addition of fleece. I did try more natural dying this week and was succesful in getting something other than a variant of tan, I got a green!!! Woohoo, quite a nice colour too, a nice olive colour. That was with rhubarb and iron, I want to try rhubarb by itself as it contains oxalic acid which is a mordant, if that comes out like the olive green then no loss, and I haven't been spinning up the fleece for the dying now so even less time into it if I am not satisfied with the colour. It's getting to the point that I should be out in the garden harvesting the plants for dying, but got so carried away with my knitting I totally forgot, plus I haven't got any more mordants yet, I may well just cave and order online.

England has advanced, I am happy, even happier they won't meet Germany in the next round!


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