Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Something more

Than my usual rambling, today we have pictures! woohoo!!!!

I will get to more photo's again later, but for now there are my Babydoll's first day at school pictures. I was so proud of her.

Here she is just about to go into class, still looking rather worried. Note the purple buttons on the blue cardigan, yes the birthday cardi turned into the first day of school cardi, the button band needs to be recast off, it's a bit snug. Katherine was given final decision on pattern, yarn and buttons, I tried hard to convince her, but she was adamant that the purple were the buttons she needed. They aren't too bad.

Here she is at the end of the day with her new friend, a girl we didn't even know that lives about 3 houses away from us, and is even in Katherine's class. Behind the two new buds is Elizabeth, the bus buddy!!! How grown up she is now. Somewhere behind her is her friend Andrew, I think he is cute on her.

I was so confused yesterday morning, it was the first time in more than 8 years I haven't had a child running around during the day time, sure there has been occasional days when Ron has had the two out for the day, but yesterday was different. the first few hours of the morning I was sneaking around trying not to disturb Katherine sleeping, only to remember she wasn't in bed. My Babydoll can sleep, I was concerned about her staying awake at school. Sleep is a bad thing to her, she doesn't like to go to bed, but once she is asleep she can go down for a very long time. If she doesn't get enough sleep at night she is sleepy and drowsy in the morning if woken up, but if she is left to sleep it out then she is fine.

Eventually I got used to the idea of having no child to hold me back, and went to the guild to card some wool (yeah, exciting) only to discover that the drum carder was broken, so I took it home for Ron to fix, which he did, then I spent a few hours carding last night, and finally did a bit of spinning.

So who is gonna win Rockstar??????????????

I have been following supernova since week 3, and said Magni straight off the bat, but after the rather uninspiring performance last night I have to think the fans may go off a bit, the other choice for me is Toby, Ron doesn't like him though, we both love Lukas though, he is brilliant, and as a performer I would love to see more of him, just not with Supernova I don't think, he is the local boy and I should show support for him I guess, but I just think Magni has got it. Ron who hasn't watched much of the show agree's with me. He seems to suit the band to a tee!
I don't usually watch reality shows, but I started watching this when Cheryl my sis was here from the UK, her fave was Lukas.
Unfortunately for me it is guild night tonight, and I am meeting a woman there that I know from a knitting list I am on. I will miss the show~~~~~
Thank goodness for Rogers digital terminals, I get the show in different time zones, yeah, so I think I will get to see it at west coast time.

Katherine has been growing tomato's, we have had no rain all summer, the tomato's really suffered for it, but on Sunday Katherine finally got here tomato! This has been tomato watch 2006, it seemed like forever, and poor Babe was losing interest until they finally changed colour.

Finally on a little knitting news, I caved, big time, and started another knit your own mystery Pi shawl. I am almost done clue two, 3 will be out on friday, the first few clue's get knit up quickly, the start of a Pi shawl is always pretty fast, here is clue one, looks like nothing right now, but it is already on a circular, when clue 2 is done I will post another piccie.

I have so many things I have on needles, or expectantly waiting to be started that I think I am suffering for it, I can't make my mind up what I will work on. I have done little quick things for the past few days, then a bt here, a bit there on lot's of different things, to then turn to start another thing only to stop myself again.
I did take to heart something that another blogger had said.
Wannietta, it's all your fault, LOL, you have to love an enabler, and that is indeed what the wicked woman has done to me.
I loved her post about indigo yarn, so much that when I fell across a pattern in a box at the guild, for a indigo yarn item, it felt pre determined that I would make this. So off I went and got yarn enough for the item, turns out the LYS was having a yarn sale that week ( I had no idea) I got the yarn half off, returned home to start the item, it was a vest, I don't wear vests, don't even ask why I wanted to make it. I couldn't find the pattern, and I knew I didn't have enough yarn for a sweater, so I started one, LOL!
It's gorgeous, but on return to the store to get more yarn I found that it had all gone. order, wait, no phone call, worry, finally I got fed up and called them. It will be in later this week with a bit of luck, crisis averted.

The sweater is gorgeous, it isn't the same Rowan denim that Wannietta used, but it is still gorgeous, and certainly leaves a lot of blue on the old mitts. I can't wait to finish and wash it for the first time. I haven't been so excited about a knitting item since, well, the last one I cast on.

Finally, I just had to post this link, I left it to Wannietta in the comments, but I don't think it was possible to get the whole link from there.

F1 article

Nuff said!


Ariannah Armstrong said...

Hey, purple buttons are WAY cool on that sweater. It's every kid's dream. What a neat mom you are to make her that.

Wannietta said...

You can always make a button that says "I dressed myself today". It completely absolves you.

Which denim yarn are you using> Where's the picture?
Aren't you glad you did it?


Kathy said...

Hi Ariannah, Katherine does love the cardi, but has one complaint, it's too hot, oh well, not for much longer eh, once winter gets brewing here she will want another. She always likes to have the final say so on knits, she has a keen eye for colour, picked up some yarn on the same shopping trip, I would never have put the two together, but I think they will make a neat hat and mitt set, that will be for christmas though I think.

Wannietta, the yarn is indigo blue jeans, and I still haven't heard anything back from the yarn store, little worried, I have searched the web, the only stuff I found was on ebay from a lady in Richmond Hill of all places. I don't see it on her site, so will likely phone her this week if no news from the LYS.

The button idea is nice, I had thought a "designed by me" label inside would be cute, at least the teacher might see it, but the button advertises the fact to all. LOL.