Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another busy week.

Two weeks ago I got a call asking if I had any baby blankets I could sell, I didn't so so the next question was if I would make one. After heitating for a while I agreed to it.
I couldn't pick a pattern, so decided to make one from my own rather busy little mind.

I finished last night.

I have to block it as it is to go to it's new home tomorrow I hope.

In the time I made the blanket, I also made a number of mindless pieces, scarfs and dishcloths really, I have been eyeing this sari silk stuff for a while and finally caved and bought a skein. I wasn't impressed..... Tree trunk needles equal burning hands for me, as it turns out most things on the needles for me right now are on big needles. Not fun. I need some tiny lace to correct my poor fingies.

I will be starting back on the indigo top this week, also my fairisle cardi that is languishing again. Two or three other lace projects fill in the gaps, and scarfs are the sealers.

Last week Babydoll had a birthday. She was 4! Big girl now, she can beat me on the gamecube, draw really cool pictures, dry dishes, help to cook dinner, she is growing in leaps and bounds.

This week is proving to be busy too. I have weaving again today, lesson 3/5. The weaving bit! Wahooooo.

Tomorrow is guild meeting night, Wannietta is coming to visit with us and talk about her knitting title. This is turning out to be good timing, I had forgotten that the Needlework festival is later this month, this is where Wannietta got her title at.

I hope the title stays just where it is.

I was supposed to go to a yarn sale on saturday, but just couldn't make it, considering the stash busting I am supposed to be doing, it's probably a good thing.

I am back to not having anything on the box to watch, I have a few dvd's I never have watched, Elizabeth, Katherine, and their aunt and Uncle watched one of them on Saturday, they enjoyed it, so I guess I should now too. It was the new Pink Panther movie with Steve Martin. I have held back on watching this as I really love the old movies of the Pink Panther, and nobody but Sellers in my mind could be the Pink Panther. We shall see....
I keep seeing Pink Panther DVD's everywhere, I may well cave and get the box set!

Anyway, back to fibre things, I may well remember to take my camera with me to the lesson today, so will post back with news on how it went tomorrow. Hopefully I remember to take a picture of the baby blanket after blocking.


beadlizard said...

Pleeeease take a picture of the baby blanket after blocking! It's lovely! Don't you enjoy the feeling in your mind when you sit down and just start knitting something like that?

I remember when my dd was all bright and positive like yours. She's almost 14 now and we're getting a dose of sullen recalcitrance. Better than some of the options, but oh how I miss that sweet innocence...

I agree with you about the sari silk. Someone gave me a skein of banana that is also stiff and hard on the hands, though it looks interesting. I have friends who have unspun and re-spun the sari silk into a finer yarn, but that's a lot of bother. I'd rather work with Chasing Rainbows silk! --Syl

Kathy said...

I will post a piccie of the blankie soon. I can understand someone wanting to respin the sari silk, it was so over spun, just to get it off the skein was a nightmare, should have been my first warning right!

Wannietta said...

Are you watching the Japanese F1 race live or are you going to watch it tomorrow? hee hee

Kathy said...

Ah, I watched it live, what a great, great race it was!!!!!!!