Sunday, September 10, 2006


Well, I am a week past all my company leaving, and as great as it was to have them all here, they left my all tuckered out, which is why I am only just getting around to the blog now. Last week was a blur, bank holiday monday, followed by back to school on tuesday for Elizabeth, and an orientation session for Babydoll, who starts Junior Kinder this coming tuesday, wednesday was the start of the guild year, and since I am now on the executive committee I figured I should be there. That meeting added a whole slew of new activities for the upcoming months, including meeting with Wannietta at the October meeting, the OHS seminar, the sheep to shawl, a Try something new event in town and so many other things that my mind is a blank.
Today I found out that one of the women on the knitting in canada group I am on (where I first met Wannietta) is in the same town as me, so now I think a meeting is inevitable here. AWESOME!! Finally a network of knitters may emerge in this ever expanding town just north of the big T.O!

Photo's? I have lots, but not of enough things, and to be honest I couldn't care less about posting them right now, they are in a mess, just as my mind feels it too is a mess. I didn't take some piccies of the few FO's that went back to Britain, including one of those lovely Heirloom knitting SImply stunning shawls! I can get pictures later though, no worries. I will do a post on photo's maybe tueday, I have a whole day to myself!!!!!!!!! (yippee)

Thought of the day, (other than shabby mind!) Utter glee, Michael Schumacher retiring not only from Ferrari, but also from the F1 circuit.
I was never a fan, a fan can't get me to say he wasn't a damn good driver, as he obviously was, but I never liked him. He's had his day, move over and let the young ones gain some glory.


Wannietta said...

Gotta agree with you about Mr. Ferrari! I'm sure that the man is skilled, but put him in a BAR Honda & I'm sure that he wouldn't get any more out of it than Villeneuve did without blowing it up. Next year will be very interesting.

Kathy said...

LOL, Honda, yeah, now that I would have loved to have seen..... Next year will indeed be interesting.
At least Button managed, somehow, oddly enough, to extract a win from a honda, god knows how.

Things sure are heating up in F1 world. I miss al the commentary you get about it in Britain, it barely makes the papers here.

This is a good article.