Saturday, January 21, 2006

I'm getting there.......

Ok, finally got around to trying some editing on the template of the blog. I was successful to a small degree. Got some blogs I read up. What an achievement! Now I just need to figure out posting buttons, there is a new EZasPi button for the KAL starting tomorrow, and I wanted to add that.

Now, knitting news, well I finished my needle cozy in double knitting, and discovered a major error, about 1/6th into it I must have knitted and purled into one row, and got a solid row, no opening. I think I know how to fix it though, I will be felting the cozy anyway, so any little error won't be too bad, I will just rip out from the bottom and refinish it back from the bottom end. I am going to crochet a chain for a wrap onto it. As usual photo's may follow, but I promise nothing with this one, I am not sure it is going to work out yet.

The Ella shawl is almost finished, just a few more rows to go, and I want to dye it after it is finished. Will post piccie's once it is finished though, pre dying, then post dying.

Right, to photo's, I am going to try posting Piccie's today! Yay!!!!!

I guess I should start with the Lotus blossum shawl. I don't have any fandabidozy pic's yet, but if I get this right I will go outside into the fresh snow, where the sun is shining and try to get some nice pictures, the colours in the shawl only really show in true light.

So here it is, the Lotus Blossum shawl.

Like I said, bad piccie, but it is there non the less, so that is two achievements today!!!! Now to finish my shawl, and I will have a great day.

Got a party to go to tonight, a surprise for a friend, so no knitting tonight, but I will be wearing my sweater girl sweater that I finished last week, it looks great on, and is actually quite warm. The weather is so screwy here in ontario this winter that I never know what to wear if I am going out. Ok, now the sun has gone in, I should have taken the opportunity while it was there. Oh well.

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