Saturday, July 08, 2006

In a very bored state.

Just got news that I can't go to my usual club tonight, we were on our way out the door as we got the call.
This has left me in a very bored state! I don't want to work on any of my knitting for some reason, usually this is a chance to get ahead. I have on lily of the valley repeat to do on the wrap, then the edging, I could have that done real quick, if only I could be bothered.
I have done quite a lot on my fair isle cardi the past few days, but can't be bothered working on that right now either, maybe this is sock time.

Just the blah's, that will soon pass I guess.

My mind has been reeling with the thought of being free from all KAL's and the FIFA world cup finishing tomorrow.

What will I do? what to do, what to do, I have a list as long as my arm, starting on a mohair shawl I think is the first thing, some spinning, lots of new things, I mean LOTS!

I have yarn to start the wedding ring shawl, but would rather finish Princess first before I start that, I also have Unst's edging to finish. Most of the items I will be making in the next few months are Heirloom knitting pieces. All that mohair in the height of summer, wonderful. I swore last year I wouldn't attempt it again.

I have some beautiful pink hand dyed tencel that I would love to work with, but don't know what to make with it. It was from Ann's sale, she handdyed it, so I really want to make something great from it, special you know.

Hmm, like I said, my mind is reeling.


Jason said...

Do you have a lot more to do on the Princess? Quite a few people are starting the Wedding Ring Shawl around this time. There's a new blog starting:

You do have a lot of projects going on! :-)

Kathy said...

I always have too many going on. I finished a ton of stuff earlier this year though and really reduced my WIP and UFO pile.

In my basket right now are some homespun estonian mitts, a shrug, a Pi shawl, a crochet blankie and the Estonian wrap. 3 are very close to finishing. In a basket at the side is the fairisle, almost finished too. Near that is the ever present Princess, which might just get worked on today, just because I dared to mention it, so now I am thinking of it constantly.

I still have an awful lot of Princess to do. I occasionally take a stab at it, I think I just don't like working with the cotton to be honest, and it puts me off knitting it.

Jason said...

I have not worked with cotton yet. I do have a few balls of cotton from KnitPicks that I want to knit a baby sweater with. Do you not like them because they are not stretchy? I have a lot to learn about fiber. :-)

Kathy said...

The problem with the cotton I am using for Princess is that it is so fine, obviously, and because it is a more rigid fibre in this form, it simply refuses to jump circular needle joins, I tried about 4 or 5 different needles, I tried smoothing, oiling, coating with polish, so many things, and nothing worked, and because of the size of the shawl it doesn't fit on regular length straights, well it does, but just, I spent more time cinching it along the needle to get it all on than I did knitting. I finally got longer 2mm needles. What a saviour, they are much better, but now the problem lies with the weight, I know it doesn't weigh much, but it is still bending the needles, I am not quite half way through the border, it will really be weighing the needles down later on.

For the Wedding ring shawl I got silk, I still have to decide if I want to use this stuff, or order some from Sharon, either way neither will have cost anywhere near as much as the cotton for Princess, which actually has run to very expensive in comparison to all the other lace I have made.

Oh and the cotton is quite crunchy, I am sure blocking will remove that feeling though, it's probably because it is all scrunched up right now.

The cotton from knitpicks is probably a very soft cotton and will be a sheer joy to work with. I like heavier cottons.