Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Peacock done.

Off the needles, washed, dye running, pale blue/purple/dark blue. *SOB*

Drying, preparing to re-dye....

Did I say *SOB*


Wannietta said...

*SOB* - Is that a swear or an emotion or both?! Even without a picture I am feeling your pain.

btw - did you get my reply to your email? Did you have a nice w/e @Borden?

Jason said...

Oh no. The colors were really beautiful too. Any idea why it happened?

Kathy said...

Wannietta, I didn't recieve an email from you, I didn't want to push my luck and bug you with a second email. I was just hoping you weren't ignoring me!!!

We didn't get to Borden, yet another SOB! As always my husbands work got in the way. Story of my life. I was desperate to go, I haven't been to a base airshow since I was little, we always used to go to see the red arrows in Britain. My family were all RAF people.

And yes the SOB was an emotion and a swear, a blubber and a scream all into one I think. I think it sounded like MEEP!!! LOL. I was actually getting to like the colour, although there were spots that were entirely too light.

Jason, it was the green that didn't hold, I don't know why, I tried to fix it in the microwave, that just made all the green come out. Not all is lost though, I still think I likely would have overdyed it after the first blocking anyway, as I said before there was spots that were too light, I wanted it quite a bit darker. I will overdye a darker blue though, and hopefully get a variegated blue, with some very dark spots.

I will post pictures later, I am still mortified at the drastic change in the colour.

If I ever try something like this again I will use real dyes like procion.