Friday, July 07, 2006

Kodak moments

Ok, so I have finished the peacock, some photo's to follow, the wrap is almost done, I started the second border last night, it won't take long to do. I have made a top, part of a crocheted blanket, part of a sock, and knitted about a sleeve on a fair isle cardi, some of the shrug and some of the Pi shawl, all in a month. It's hard to believe that month ends on Sunday, Englands out, France and Italy in the final, I hope France wins, but I think that Italy might actually pull it off.
Oh well, that's my football interests for 4 years over with, maybe Scotland will qualify for 2010.

To the peacock anyway.

Look at that lovely green water, it got a lot darker, and just went from bad to worse.

This is the result of that washing, note the lack of any green hue on the shawl.

Add more blue....

To get this.

Not quite dark enough, but getting there. I will dye it a deeper blue, and hopefully that will be it, of course my biggest problem is remembering to buy dye.

The Estonian wrap is just gorgeous, what a pleasure that has been to make.
I have pictures of this too, this is it off the needle, before I started the second border.

You just can't leave knitted items lying around in this house, not even to grab the camera from the desk.

Knitting in public. Note the Timmies

Spinning in public.

I took the girls to the park yesterday, what a lovely day, we popped into the guild first to card a bag of guild fleece that a lady had passed onto me. Lovely wool, so I though spinning would be nice, had to pop home to get a drop spindle, but had fun doing it. I forgot how nice it was to use a drop spindle. I haven't used one in a long time. I also haven't done any spinning in months, so got the wheel out last night and spun a bobbin, then navajo plied it. It turned out really nice.

Anyway, week one of the school hols hasn't been to bad as of yet, we had a kodak moment last night, if the moment could even have been captured, I think the photo would have been the look of shock on my face when the girls BOTH asked for seconds with dinner! It's usually a fight just to keep them at the table.


beadlizard said...

Oh my -- the green dye wasn't set at all?! Had it crocked at all when you were knitting (rubbed off while dry)? What was the yarn? I'd have to eat a lot of chocolate to get over that shock. At least you *can* overdye. Will you aim for the same green again? --Sylvia

Kathy said...

It didn't come off in my hands at all Sylvia, that's the big shocker.

It was Skacel Merino I used, and I loved the greens that were in it, the turquises too, I may try it again, but get some procion. Something I can trust a bit more.

I still run for the chocolate when I think about it.

My latest dye plans include more of the same yarn, and some sock yarn. I have a ball of Opal petticoat, and I love the colour changes in it, so have been trying to figure out how I would dye some like it, but in different colours, the single chain of pattern is huge, so I need a warping board I think, good job I belong to a weaving guild!!!

Jason said...

Oh Kathy! That was really lovely green while it lasted. But I am sure you will make it pretty in the end. You said you may try green again. Do you mean overdyeing the whole shawl with green? I don't know anything about dyeing.

I am catching a bit of spinning fever here. Spinning with drop spindle. I'm only at the researching stage. :-) What's your favorite spindle to work with?

Kathy said...

Jason I have only used home made spindles so far, the one in the photo is dowling with 4 toy car wooden wheel and a hook screw in the top, this usually splits the dowl though so I have to tape it up. I like these ones because you can add and take away a wheel if you aren't comfortable with the weight.

I am going to overdye in blue, I will try the peacock colours again I think.

Kathy said...

I just don't seem to be able to complete a thought today!

I will do a seperate lot of yarn in peacock colours.

Kenny said...

Wow Kathy!!! You're quite the lace knitter!

Jason said...

That's a great idea for a spindle! "Convertible" spindle? :-)