Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dragging my behind

Well, I have been poorly for a wee while, I got a sore throat on our way out to Nova Scotia, that was it, or so I thought.
A few days after getting back I found a lump on my neck, it was one of those ones that moves quite freely, so I wasn't at all concerned, but funnily enough, the first thing I did when I found it was check my glands around my jaw. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. A week goes by, the lump is still there, so when I am at the doc's for the Bi weekly allergy shot I ask about it, and yes, it's a swollen gland, things went down hill from there. I spent the day on my back yesterday, absolutely out of it.
This I didn't need. In May I started a course with Centennial college, actually two courses, in Home inspection, and my finals are next week. I don't need this.
I am also busy finishing up a secret project, learning an awful lot on the way, trying desperately to work on the Princess, trying to spin some fibre once in a while so that the wheel doesn't feel neglected, trying to put some more edging on the Unst stole(this I have managed to do), trying not to forget about the huge cross stitch project, trying, trying, trying so hard not to forget everything else.

I think my mind just gave out yesterday and told me to have a sick day.

I caved and bought some water toys for the girls for the backyard, I need some peace and quiet.
I was supposed to be trying to set up a meeting for local MS3 knitters, but that has fallen by the wayside this week.

I feel another sick day coming on......

Deborah, the Princess is a pattern from Heirloom knitting, and is currently unavailable, but will be re-released this coming November. If you ever plan to make the shawl, I do have a large list of dont's! LOL.

Lynne, I do feel like it is a huge achievement, I am getting rather keen to finish it now, the end is getting closer to being within sight.

Miss Alice and Jane, the hankies are finished with the weaving bit, now I still have a bit more finishing to do, but soon, and I know you love photo's Miss Alice, so I will try to get pictures, and better ones up soon, there has been some advancing on her.

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missalicefaye said...

I hope you feel better soon--take as many sick days as you need! I'm very excited about hankies, and I do confess to loving photos, but please don't put yourself out on my account! :)