Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Past halfway

Princess is coming along slowly. I have managed to get past the half way point, I would be further if I hadn't been sucked into Ravelry. I think I got lost in there all day Sunday.

On Friday I started two new things, The veil of Isis and one of the Fiddlesticks whisper scarves, I have a bad case of startitis I think....
I had a birthday yesterday, largely uneventful, mostly since I was being a bit of a misery.
On Saturday night some arse broke into my car and stole all my CD's, I am mega pissed at this. All the neighbourhood cars were ransacked, but the gits left my doors wide open.

Then to to my misery Lewis did not pull off the greatest championship victory of all of F1 history. I was major bummed about this too, I feel for the guy, I hope it comes good for him next year.

Anyway, I have too many pretty things on the needles to stay annoyed for too long. I bit the bullet and decided to bead the Isis shawl as well. I am doing it in Skacel Merino laceweight on 2.75 mm needles. It's pretty.

This shawl is addictive, I am considerably further on from this photo but can barely tear myself away from it to take a picture.

I have done a bit more than this on the whisper scarf too, its' a quick knit.

I finally blocked the MS3

And pafuglehale

And then ruined all that lovely pinning by throwing it promptly into a pan of bleachy water.

A light bleaching later and the results are pretty stunning, and apart from one issue, there appears to be no damage to the thread. Strange thing was this one thing though, one thread had been cut twice, this was after the bleaching, I have no idea what happened, or how I will fix it, but it doesn't appear to have been a result of the bleaching.
So when Princess is finished she will get a normal handwash, once I see how things stand with her she might get a soapy boil, if that isn't effective then it will be into bleach.
I have discussed this with Sharon Miller, so feel fairly confident about it.

Pafuglehale was always intended to be a trial run for cleaning Princess, but it's too pretty to just treat like junk, so I will try to fix it, but it's going back in the pot, the edging isn't right, I soon discovered this on blocking.

Anyway, spinning classes are going great, and guess what! My spinning instructor is deep into Shetland lace!!! How cool is that!!!!!!!

She has loaned me a book, Knitting by the fireside, and on the hillside by Linda G Fryer.
It's about the Lace knitting Industry in the Shetlands, now I have looked into buying this book, $800 and up on Amazon.ca. Yikes!!!

It looks to be interesting, and will carry on reading it tonight, but I have been so desperately trying to finish my Diana Gabaldon book that I started reading again a few weeks ago.

I have a few books coming to me hopefully today, one is the last book of the Outlander series.
One is a Galina Khmeleva book and I forgot what the other was, so hopefully it gets here and my HK package too, I am busting to get that Melanie pattern.

Gotta go anyway, running late.



Laritza said...

Happy late birthday!
Princess is looking beautiful.
I wonder if the "cut" was not with the pins. I have had this happen when accidentally pinning through the thread. Bleach will not "cut" it will dissolve the fiber. Plus it will turn things yellow if too much is used.
Lovely work!

fleegle said...

Is your birthday the 18th like mine? Or are we just close enough to tip out needles to each other around that date?

I adore your paflugldifihhkkdle, even though I am having some trouble spelling it.

And of course your Veil and Princess are fabulous.

Sorry about your car!

Kathy said...

Dear Larita, I have now also found what I am pretty sure is a pin cut. The other is on the centre, so not sure how it got there, so it's not looking terribly good for bleaching right now, if it has weakened the thread, then I can't afford to do that. I think I have to make another sample and try again, this time not as involved as the Pafuglhale.

Kathy said...

Fleegle, my Birthday was the 22nd, so close enough.
The peacocks tail, for the non danish speaking amongst is is great, but I think I have to re-do the edging, it's not right, and I know why, and it's a great easy fix that doesn't involve ripping back any knitting, just all that crochet, grrrrr.....
The veil is addictive, I am having a hard time putting that down to knit on Princess.
I am aiming for Friday with Princess, and it's do-able, I just need lots of knitting time.

No Parcels yet, but one did come when I went out far an hour yesterday. so I get to pick it up today, yippee!!!