Monday, October 01, 2007

Lots further forward.

I finished the centre, yay!!! I got so excited that I quickly went onto some of the edging, and got quite far. I meant to post last week about this but everything went kind of crazy as this little girl turned 5 on Thursday.

Anyway, the centre worked out nicely after finishing the last little emblem at the top then the break pattern.

It is so hard to get a great photo conveying the grandness of the shawl that I have taken to using non conventional things as sizing.

At the end of the laurel leaf pattern, Sharon advises that when you break the yarn leave a long tail. I know I did, and I had the sneaking feeling that my tail was shrinking all the way through the centre pick up, only when I got to about 30 rows left did I know that my tail had shrunk, I begin to worry, but then I think I will have enough, but with a few rows left I was going to run out, so attached another piece of cotton just incase.

Once I got to the edging I switched to a circular needle, I may still switch back to the straights as the circular doesn't feel comfortable. These needles have seen a lot of action though, and deserved a break.

So here we have some more edging attached, finally.

Another unconventional shot.

But given that I have large feet you can now see that thing is big.

The edging is actually going pretty quickly, and I managed to get past the laurel leaf onto the centre panel last night, I think I may have done one more last night than is on the picture.

To celebrate the small victories I am having with the Princess now I started another project.
I started it on Saturday night while watching the F1 race from Fuji Japan.
What an numbskull. It was such an exciting race it was all I could do to keep the knitting on the needles.

It's the flower Faroese shawl from Lucy Neatby. This has been on my list of to do's for what seems like forever. I am using 5mm needles and Fiddlesticks country silk.

I thought it was going to be one of those brain killing projects when I first started, it seemed fairly complicated at first, but when you get into it it is fairly straight forward. I think having to figure that out while trying to watch Lewis Hamilton master rain racing just fried my brain.

I almost cast on another project, but couldn't make up my mind, there will be a post about this fight fairly soon I think. The faeroese shawl shouldn't take too long to make and then the battle for the next cast on will commence.



Laritza said...

Your Princess is coming along fast! I am impressed! You asked: how long I have been weaving. Just a bit over a year, not really that long and I have lots to learn!

Kathy said...

Well lets just say I am impressed too then Laritza, I think your weaving is stunning. I learned a year ago, probably this time a year ago was the week we put our first warp on in class. I am hooked, I love weaving so terribly much, and I think had I learned to weave first I may well never have took up knitting.
I decided to take the OHS weaving classes, to try and learn in a more organized fashion than I did with knitting. Right now I am doing my first hand manipulated lace. Boy is that tedious.

Jason said...

Kathy, the princess is looking great! Even though I haven't been commenting, I have been watching the progress silently. :-)

Belated happy birthday to the little one. Glad to see her well. And what a cake!

Watching sports and lace knitting? Oy! LOL I tried to cast-on Spider Queen last night at SnB. I prepared everything but the instructions for provisional cast-on. Doh!

Kathy said...

Jason I think you are brave trying to do lace at a SnB, I go to worknights at my guild and get nothing done for all the talking. I have been thinking a lot about the Spider queen myself recently, I will watch eagerly as you knit it, I must put it way down my list for now, but I reckon it may well come up to the top soon.

Katherine is doing well, even though she gave us a scare last week, a light cold turned into breathing troubles, and at 11.30 at night she was at the after hours clinic getting inhalers.
3 days later she was all better.
I missed an appointment yesterday for her with the eye doctor, had to re schedule for oct 31st, but we are hoping we get the all clear for her eyes. They look fantastic, and we never see any turning anymore.


fleegle said...

The Princess is lovely! I admire your tenacity and hope I can do as well when I finally get the pattern. And the Faroese shawl looks gorgeous. What colorway are you using?

missalicefaye said...

Fabulous! :)

Kathy said...

Fleegle, it's the summer glow colourway, it's turning out a little duller I think than I would have liked, but it's still pretty. I almost did a deep red, but I have a passion for deep reds that is killing me right now so I had to turn away from it.


Kate said...

Your Princess is lovely. Please don't try to do anything complicated for the F1 race from China - I think it's going to be pretty exciting (I am seriously considering getting up at 4am to watch it live.)

Kathy said...

Oh Kate, I guess it must be 11pm for us then, I hadn't checked the time yet. Great to see another F1 fan around, we are a rare breed here in Canada, despite JV's victories.

I sure hope Lewis kicks some serious spanish bum in the race! :)


Jason said...

I'll keep sending positive thoughts to little Katherine. That's what I call her when I do my reflections. :-)

Maybe I took Spider Queen to SnB because I wanted help with it. :-) I tried knitting it yesterday. What a mistake. Fever and lace do not mix. I should've learned my lesson when I tried it last time. Something went wrong and I just couldn't figure it out with a feverish mind. I will have to start over.