Sunday, October 28, 2007

Princess is finally finished

Can you believe it!!!

So long in the making, and finally off the needles. A big hole in the knitting basket eagerly awaits a new project.

Finished and unwashed

Lightly pinned out on a 6 by 4 mat.

Edging detail

Even on a 4 X 6 mat it has plenty of give.

Clearly my mental math trying to figure out how many blocks I need to block was way off, so I will be buying more today, then maybe get it blocked out properly tonight.

She still needs another good long soak, all the greying hasn't gone yet, it may be a boil that cleans it all up, thank goodness I used cotton.

I still can't quite get my head around her being finished.

And yet, I have so many more things going on I barely stopped.....

Princess, completed, October 27th 2007, will she lie in peace now for a good number of years?

No way, she will be dragged out for everybody to meet.


Laritza said...

It is a beauty!

Wannietta said...

That's awesome Kathy - congratulations!!

Jane said...

Congratulations! That is a spectacular shawl and an amazing acheivement on your part! I just put my order in for my copy of The Princess Shawl and I hope mine turns out half as nice as yours. Bravo!

fleegle said...

Wow! More pictures! Did you enjoy knitting it or was it more of an endurance match?

I am on the list, but maybe I need to put in my order now, seeing as how it is actually possible to finish it!

Jean said...

Envious congratulations!


Soo said...

Definitely need more picures - I can't wait to see it blocked in all its glory!!!


missalicefaye said...

sigh, gorgeous. :) can't wait to see even more pictures when you get the additional blocking mats!

Jason said...

Wow! It is incredible, Kathy! Congratulations! Yes. More pictures, please! :-)