Friday, October 05, 2007

Princess stinks!

Seriously stinky piece of fabric right now, it's not a smell so much as a dusty reek. I have horrific dust allergies, and can sense dust a mile off, but this puppy needs washing, it has been bothering me now for about a month, I am not sure I can carry on with the edging until it is washed.
What a dilemma! Man I had to spell check dilemma, my brain is fried from too much school work!


fleegle said...

Yeah--my Black Widow smeells funny too. Blood, sweat, and tears will do that :)

Jason said...

I am allergic to dust too. Dust, ashes, etc. I get a serious sinus infection if I am not careful. Generic Flonase keeps me safe most of the times. But I am sick with a fever at the moment. I don't know if I caught it at the hospital, or at the SnB. :: sigh ::

Stay healthy!

Soo said...

Wow - the Princess is looking amazing - even if she is a little whiffy! Just plug your nose and keep on knitting!

Jane said...

Yea, My WRS looks like dirty cheesecloth so I know what you mean. But how does one wash it while still in progress? I have no idea myself.

camilynn said...


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