Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Princess

Well, I dug out Princess, I rescued her from the swampy bottoms of the knitting basket, where some knitting has gone, only to never be seen again!
I am valiantly trying to revive her.
I have managed almost two centre panel repeats in the past few days.

Here she is just after restarting.

A little bit further on, I put her onto three long circulars, it's still hard to get a photo.

The full length, what I have done, and what is left to do.

Last night, almost two full repeats added.

You are not mistaken, it is not a trick of the eye, the thing does not seem to grow, it is inhaling thread at a good rate now, but does not seem to grow, the only thing I am seeing is all those poor waiting stitches on the needles getting dirtier and dirtier. I remember Laritza's washing picture of the WRS, it is disturbing how much dirt is on the knitting, I wish I could wash her right now. Jean is absolutely right about my deadline of November, I do still have an alarmingly large amount of work to do, even when I have finished the centre panel, there is the break pattern between the edging and the panel, and then the edging again, I remember it being 85 points on the two edges, so I guess it will be about half or slightly more along the top. The edging took me about an hour a point, that was when I had nothing on the needle to hamper progress.

I have knit other things, like MS3, I have finished part 3, eagerly awaiting part 4, I have made a hat for a friend going through chemo right now, a top for Katherine, and almost finished Elizabeth's cardigan, all quick knits though.

We did finally finish the Polar puzzle, some pieces missing, that didn't surprise me.

The girls have been busy this summer, making scones, candles, soap, some tie dye stuff, Elizabeth is in a class this week for painting.

I just deleted the tie dye photo by mistake.

There is a constant supply of foamies, paint and other kid friendly stuff flying around our dining room and living room. It's keeping them busy though. The weather has been iffy the past week, so I have been thankful for the indoor activities we have to keep them occupied.
Elizabeth has been doing lots of knitting and some hand weaving. Katherine is still trying her hardest to knit.

We are off on a trip to the east coast on Saturday, so I won't be posting until after we return, but hopefully I will get lots of pictures of Nova Scotia to show. I have never been there so I am excited. We will spend a bit of time in New Brunswick and Quebec too.
We only have a week, so it will be busy, busy, busy.




missalicefaye said...

Princess pictures make me happy! :) Fabulous, fabulous work. It's nice to hear that your daughters are following in your crafty footsteps, too!

Jane said...

I think you are doing an amazing amount on your shawl! Don't dispair. I can only bear to pick my WRS up for a row at a time so I think you are zipping along by comparison :-) You do beautiful work.

Lynne said...

OMG, the Princess is fabulous! What an achievement! I hope you have a SO to take you to places worthy of it!

Deborah said...

Dial up keeps me from seeing much of the Princess. BUT the little I see makes me wants it. Yeeees pre-cious. We wants it.

Where did you get the pattern?