Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I feel a re-devotion coming on, I reckon a day with the Princess might get me back on track, it feels right!

I will post piccies soon as I haven't posted one in such a long time.

The weather has finally cooled down some, the past two days have been suffocating. I can get back to knitting the Raku too, mohair on days like that is impossible.

At the memorial of a friend last year her sister was telling the story of the day they were all in a car, much on a day like the ones that have just passed, and Ann was knitting a mohair sweater, in a car full of people, on a day that feels like the pits of hell, she was trying to make her sister try this sweater on. At that point a few of the ladies from my guild turned and looked at me, as if to indicate that that is the same kind of irrational behavior that I show towards knitting. I took it as a compliment, Ann was a superb knitter, one of my inspirations that turned me to weaving.

However, I do draw the line at knitting with mohair on a day when the air is so thick that the fibre sticks more to your hands than it does to the thread it is supposed to be attached to.


Jane said...

Dear Kathy,

I tried to e mail you at the address you gave me but hotmail kept sending it back with a failure to deliver notice? My e-mail is ( if you want to try to reach me that way? Sorry I wasn't able to get back to you. Were all the letters lower case?


Kathy said...

Hi Jane I got your email the second time, it is all in lowercase.

Another addy you can use if you ever need to is

Jean said...

Kathy, if you're really thinking of an outing for your Princess in November, you'd better get cracking. It's not just the centre -- there'll then be all those yards across the top of that fiendish edging.

Good luck.

Kathy said...

Jean you are so right, I was looking again at the end of the pattern, boy is there still an awful lot of work to do.

I have dragged it back into the light, and actually done more than one full repeat of the centre pattern in the past 4 days. I must get more done today and tomorrow, after that who knows, the MS3 is out on Friday and looking to be a large section.